LITTLE MO - 15.3hh Bay Mare - 2010

  • Description

 Little Mo is an extremely good looking well put together mare, very well bred, she has inherited her mother’s wonderful outlook to life and is very laid back, not much phases her, obviously she hasn’t seen everything in life yet but she is happy to learn and really does try to please. She has never been a problem and was very easy to back never naughty in anyway. She does have a small blemish on her near hind leg which was caused in the field when she was only 2 years old. She has not once been lame or had any problems with it but it may affect her in the show ring at a  higher level.


Little Mo 15.3hh Bay Mare 2010 Maggie / Poke-A-Dot

Little Mo is a real stunner!  She has good confirmation,  superb paces in all gaits (good enough for affiliated dressage) and would excel in this field. She is schooling nicely too giving a forward well balanced ride and is only a snaffle mouth at all times. Her temperament is also excellent, very much a ‘people’ person too she simply adores all the fuss anyone can give! She is showing tremendous scope over her fences and really enjoys jumping, rarely touching a pole she would easily affiliate and go far into any chosen field and make someone proud—we are very proud to have bred her! She hacks out alone or in company, and is good with all traffic including tracters etc. Good to handle and do both in the stable and field, box, shoe, clip etc. absolutely no hang ups whatsoever.  A superb quality mare who would easily do dressage, show jumping and eventing!